Adventure Framework #60 is out: Winterwold

It is said that the last of the elves died in the Second Age, eradicated by the serpentmen in their genocidal war against the fey. Whilst it is true that no living elf remains in the Midlands, that is not to say they are without presence; for not all who died deigned to remain so. 

In this adventure the PCs stumble into a secret forest enclave, filled with elven undead seeking vengeance against the serpentmen who have entered their hidden domain. Can the party hold out long enough to undo the magical dome imprisoning them in Winterwold, or will the seemingly endless stream of Flesh Feasters devour them?

Available via PatreonLink

Double spread winterwold

Winterwold map sample

Map art copyright Tad David and Iconic Maps, used with permission.

Cover & Page 2 art copyright the fantabulous Matt Morrow, used with permission. 

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