Dreadwood Finale, and South Marches 1 & 2

A quick update on the latest actual plays!

First up Will DM’s six episode campaign Into the Dreadwood has come to a close! If you didn’t manage to see the dramatic finale live, you can now catch up on Youtube anytime! Who lived!? Who died!? How many crotches did Quinn punch? And just how did JD manage as a wolf PC anyway? Aye, these and other vexing questions must be answered!


Dreadwood Finale image

Secondly, I’ve kicked off my South Marches campaign on Roll20 and the first two sessions are now on Youtube! In Session 1, Wence (sorcerer thief), Kor (thuel axe fighter), and Shand (nomadic monk) begin exploring the ancient temple of Bhaomogg, searching for a legendary conch shell…


South Marches Session 1 Thumb

Session 2 continues the delve with Wence (sorcerer thief), Algernon (ex-bandit, axe and shield fighter) and hireling Ratsack (elderly spearwoman), as they uncover the temple’s hidden secrets…


SM Session 2 thumb

If you’d like to get in on a South Marches game, check out the 2 page intro doc below, then jump on the Low Fantasy Gaming Discord and give me a shout out!

South Marches Doc: Link

LFG Discord: Link

Dungeon Map by Trivial Hit – be sure to check out the rest of their amazing maps on their blog! Link

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