Prophet of the Pit People

Adventure Framework #59 is out: Prophet of the Pit People

Maunt Thamond, a dying cartographer in Dol-Karok, seeks a reading from a soothsayer living in the Pit of Belmogg; a forgotten temple to a forgotten god in the Ironhull Mountains. Finding the ruin is easy enough… But when the PCs arrive, they find that earning a prophesy requires much more than mere gold.

Prophet of the Pit People is a dungeon crawl with a twist; man eating mutants, crazed seers, and flying piranha things are just the beginning. Wait till the sapient cave roaches get going!

Available via Patreon: Link

Prophet 2 page thumb

59 Map thumb for post

This month’s AMAZING map is by the exceptional Rafal Zatwarnicki of New Horizons, who very generously allowed us to use it! The high resolution version (not previewed below) is INSANE – be sure to zoom in for all the details! I hope folks have as much fun exploring the dungeon as I had populating it 😀

For more incredible maps like these,  support New Horizon’s Patreon for the absolute bargain price of $1 per month – and help Rafal make more of the good stuff!

New Horizons Patreon

New Horizons Site

Map art copyright Rafal Zatwarnicki & New Horizons, used with permission.  
Cover art copyright Henrik Karppinen, Page 2 art copyright Dean Spencer. Both used with permission. 

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