Low Fantasy Gaming is now on Fantasy Grounds!

Low Fantasy Gaming is now on Fantasy Grounds!

FG promo image

FG Char Sheet Image

Thanks to Damned’s amazing MoreCore LFG module, the following tools are available for use with Fantasy Grounds right now:

  1. Custom Character Sheet (compatible with FG’s Combat Tracker).
  2. Tables from LFG Original (including DDM, Loot, Injuries, Madness, Random Encounters, etc).
  3. NPC monsters from LFG Original.
  4. Equipment from LFG Original.
  5. Player’s Guide (references LFG Original).
  6. GM’s Guide (references LFG Original).
  7. Gift of the Silent God intro adventure.

And it’s 100% FREE

Link to FG Forum & Files

PLUS don’t miss Damned’s eight min video on how easy it is to make a PC:


Damned video 1 image

So what are you waiting for!?

Jump onto Fantasy Grounds and give it a whirl!

Some images copyright Smiteworks or Damned, used with permission.
Music copyright Jon Wright, used with permission.

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