Four new Actual Play Sessions!

Four new actual play sessions for your viewing pleasure!

These actual play sessions are starting to get away from me! Four new sweet sweet seshs to get you in the gaming mood my peeps 😀 😀

Hope you enjoy, and please don’t forget to toss the creators a like, subscribe, or other “coin” in support! They’re friends to humanity after all.

Nangcast Ep 4 (podcast) – The Road To Klontam.


Things heat up as Elias shows his true colours. Gari learns not to judge a book by it’s cover. Nyla makes a stand and Grandall makes a friend. Next episode is 24 Jan.

NANG logo

Dreadwood Episodes 3 & 4

Link Ep 3

Link Ep 4

If you had to choose between a colossal owlbear, and a bowl, giving the party trouble in the middle of the Dreadwood …. which do you think it would be? You might be surprised 😀 Check in with Will.DM, Ra’Vast, Rolf, Wanderer and Quinn Hightopple and find out! Next episode is 9pm EDT Tues 21 Jan.

Ep 5 Dreadwood image

Skumbros Session 4 (Midlands #8)


Last but certainly not least, the effervescent Skum Bros are back in Mr Hobbs’ West Marches campaign. Fenlag the bard, Erland the monk, Rakken the fighter and new bro Tolaf the thief set out with the River Curs to assassinate a poor defenceless woman. What could go wrong? Next episode whenever the bros get organised to play!

Skumbros ep 4



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