How to Make a Character Video

A 20 min video on character creation by Brent Taylor!

Presenter, programmer and all round gaming prodigy Brent Taylor is here to make your PC creation in LFG even simpler with this 20 min example video.

Some dudes just got all the skills folks. It’s unfair really.


Youtube Link

Brent Taylor thumb


3 thoughts on “How to Make a Character Video

  1. Just wondering for the “unique feature” list on page 43. Which of these are for each class? I ask because you have some that have labelled as cross-class that I assume means any class can take these – but why say that if they other “unique features” are not tied to classes then?

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  2. Hi Peter, actually it’s the other way around. The Unique Features are available to any class. The reference to Cross-class is in the last line of the first paragraph p.43 – basically you can’t take a cross-class UF is that is your main class (eg a Ranger can’t take Rangercraft). Hope this makes sense!


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