Hobbs & Friends Actual Play Videos

Videos of Hobbs & Friends ongoing “West Marches” campaign

Updates with Youtube Video links:

  • 14.10.19 – 4 hr video (1st level PCs, an excellent intro video) –  Link
  • 20.10.19 – 2.5 hr video – Link
  • 25.10.19 – 2 hr video – Link
  • 30.10.19 – 1 hr video – Link

Original Post:

A four hour Low Fantasy Gaming actual play video by Hobbs & Friends!

The party; a rogue, monk, and the “wolf brother” rangers, venture into the Wistwood in search of cultists thought to be gathering at an ancient ruin… What could possibly go wrong? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

For those new to LFG, this is a fantastic example of the game’s mechanics, great improv & rulings by GM Jason Hobbs, and terrific, fun players Christian, Jay, Brent & Gabriel.

Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe!

Youtube Link

Hobbs Game 14.10.19


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