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  1. So I’ve been wondering for a while, Channel Lightning(Lightning Bolt) is a 120 feet long, 10 feet wide line originating from the caster that deals d6 per level with a save for half. If the caster is outside and the skies are cloudy, there is the option to have the lightning “descend from the sky instead” and deal d8 per level.

    My question is, if you do go for that option, where is the spell’s new point of origin and how do you measure the line?
    The text implies it now starts 120 feet up in the air and goes down, while still having to be within the spell’s 120 feet range of the caster?

    Or is it just peculiarly worded flavor text for lightning basically striking from the cloud’s into the caster’s hands, supercharging the spell before it shoots out from there normally with the aforementioned line originating from the caster, just with the damage raised to d8 by fulfilling the condition?

    I’m thinking the latter, since oldschool games usually keep it simple and the former seems like overthinking things to me, but I was curious about the official answer.

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    1. Hi Hans, I had in mind that the lightning shoots down from the sky (any distance), striking up to 120 ft distant from the caster, but affects only a 10 ft diameter (reasoning being the trade off for more damage is a smaller AoE). However it’s GM’s call, and I like your approach just as much.


      1. I do believe a function change(from horizontal line to vertical bolt) is, at the very least more interesting than just a straight damage upgrade, so I’ll definitely stick with the official interpretation before letting my players play around with any variants. Maybe I’ll let them do one or the other depending on the severity of the weather(just cloudy/thunderstorm)? Always good to have options. Thanks for clarifying the original intent =)

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