The Deck of Many Things

Adventure Framework #53 is out: The Deck of Many Things

“Good and mighty Sirs and Madams! What an honour this is! Please forgive my intrusion, but Master Rogarth, the esteemed Keeper of Relics, has urgent need of your services. I implore you, follow me now to Master Rogarth’s home that he may speak with you immediately. I regret to inform that time is already against us. Please good masters, gather up your belongings posthaste. I shall explain things further on the way.”

AF #53 is a chase scenario across the southern Midlands, through plains, forests, moors and hills, in pursuit of the fabled Deck of Many Things.

Available via Patreon (or via DTRPG end of next month): Link

Page 2 and Map for those hoping to bend fate to their will…

DoMT p.2DoMT Chase Map

Cover image copyright Vera Petruk, used with permission. 

Page 2 image copyright  Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art © Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games, used with permission. 

Cartography by John Stevenson, used with permission. 

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