Divine Magic Tables

Divine magic tables: Divine Rebuke and Rites of Atonement.

A sneak peak at two (WIP) divine magic tables for a cultist/cleric class: Divine Rebuke and Rites of Atonement. The tables are intended to help differentiate divine power from arcane, creating its own special brand of risk, and Favour/Atonement mini-game.

To avoid the risk of rebuke when invoking blessings, the cultist must have Favour. In order to gain Favour however, the cultist must take action promoting, enacting or adhering to one or more of their god’s Tenets.

For example, the Tenets for Graxus (the Iron God – war, strife, struggle, glory) might be:

  • Test your mettle.
  • Live boldly or not at all.
  • Finish your foe without hesitation.
  • Iron and steel are hallowed metals; treat them as such.
  • Bring glory to yourself and the Iron God.

PDF Link

B&W cleric art copyright Dean Spencer, used with permission.
Mace art by Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art copyright Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games, used with permission.

2 thoughts on “Divine Magic Tables

  1. I love these! I can’t wait to see the finished product. This has given me an easy chart and future ideas for something I was already dealing with in my game!

    Liked by 1 person

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