Olde World Loot

Some treasure tables for adventurers exploring the 4th edition of the Olde World.

I search the body.”

Gah! It’s like being stabbed in the earhole again and again, innit? And not in a good way. If only you had a coin for every time you heard this irksome grabation from your players?

Well now you shall. For within this spruce tome are not three, not five, but eight munificent d100 tables, proscribing all manner of rewards to offer your wearisome fortune hunters. Behold!

  1. Carry Loot – 100 quick search results covering up to a dozen or so individuals.
  2. Trinkets & Curios – 100 mysterious oddities to perplex and delight.
  3. Valuables – 100 rare gems, jewellery, art objects, and other bespoke pieces.
  4. Lair Treasure – 12 portly hoard categories worthy of treasure baths, befitting well guarded fortunes or the spoils of legendary foes.
  5. Permanent Enchantments – 51 magical item themes for the GM to improvise from, tiding you over until more “official” examples become available.
  6. Permanent Item Forms – 16 categories of physical forms for permanent magic items (or other valuables).
  7. Scrolls – a pithy division of arcane and divine magics, for speedy scroll resolution.
  8. Potions – 32 potion themes for the GM to improvise from, similar to (5) above.

As might be surmised, Olde World Loot is written with 4th edition Olde World gaming in mind. Numbers provided are based on similar tables from 2nd edition, tweaked downwards to reflect 4th edition’s cheaper prices. Now go, gather your dice kin, and exult in the spine tingling mystery of Olde World Loot.

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Some artwork by Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art copyright Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games, used with permission.

Some artwork copyright Dean Spencer, used with permission.

Ink splashes copyright 123RF, used with permission.


2 thoughts on “Olde World Loot

  1. Hey, I just bought it and was wondering. Gc is gold coin (a.k.a gp worth 10 silvers), s. is silver one and p. is penny (worth 1/10 of silver)? Am I correct or missing some info (couldn’t find it in either core and supplement for lfg)?

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