GM Screen Inserts

Free PDF inserts to print and slot into your favourite customizable GM screen 😀

Although I consider Low Fantasy Gaming to be a relatively light system, I still like to have some info stuck up on my GM screen to help me out in a pinch. So I’ve whipped up some LFG/Midlands related PDF panels for home/office printing:

  1. Combat – Combat mods summary, improv monsters, improv traps/hazards, movement summary, injury/recovery & death.
  2. Exploration 1 – Travel speed, encounter distances, starting weather, shifting weather, “while you were lost” table.
  3. Exploration 2 – Midlands encounters, generic encounters, monster index.
  4. NPCs – Midlands names, speech quirks, mental quirks, locations.
  5. Miscellaneous – Melee weapons, ranged weapons, skills, gear availability, outpost services, and treasure.

The PDFs (both parchment and white backgrounds) are landscape orientation & very large, but if you print “fit to page”, then trim the blank borders, they will fit the DTRPG Game Master Screen landscape slots (11″ x 8.5″). I’m not sure if they’ll also fit into the Savage Worlds customizable screen (as I couldn’t find the SW screen dimensions online), but you could always shrink the images further if need be.

Character art is by the most excellent Maciej Zagorski at The Forge Studios LLC. Check out more of Maciej’s art in the sidebar link 😀

Hope you find them useful, and if there’s another panel theme you think would be helpful, by all means let me know.

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Character Art & one parchment box copyright 2018 Maciej Zagorski, The Forge Studios LLC, used with permission.

Some parchment boxes copyright Billiam Babble / Inked Adventures (original art) © 2011, used with permission.

One parchment box copyright Daniel Comerci, used with permission.



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