Hirelings Toolkit

Hirelings Toolkit now available from DTRPG for $2 😀


Behold ye the Hirelings Toolkit; an astounding gatherment of tables bold, drawing together the whys and wherefores of your players’ scabby gang of wily retainers. Lighten your load and brighten your foxy mug with tables for names, past occupations, quizzical quirks, physical traits, carry gear, and curious catchphrases.

But that’s not all, gentle master. What’s more includes pet qualities (they don’t argue so much), nicknames, rules for how many and what sort of hirelings might be available, payback for when the help is mistreated, stat blocks, and an advancement table for berks lucky enough to survive. Aye, survive. Where else do you expect those hard bitten henchmen come from?

The toolkit is written for the Low Fantasy Gaming RPG and Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting, but is 90% system neutral. Additional name/race tables are included for high fantasy demihumans (elves, dwarves & halflings), as well as 5e stat blocks.

page preview

Cover art copyright 2018 Daniel Comerci, used with permission.

Page 9 art copyright Publishers Choice Quality Stock Art © Rick Hershey/Fat Goblin Games, used with permission.

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