October Activities

Holy bo schizzle it’s practically November! Before we know it it’ll be Christmas!! WWWHHATTTT


Well well well, what ‘ave we ere eh lads?

It’s the first proper OLD MAGE PROTOTYPE, innit!!

Man it has been a journey to get to this point, and we’re only half way there! Lots of fun, lots of learning, and lots of trial and error. I think I might write a separate blog post about our experience with the board game process so far actually; it’s quite different to our past print on demand book offerings. And inspiring, to be honest. I can totally see how boxed sets get made now, and how valuable tools like Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher, and electronic platforms like Tabletopia really are. Word can do a lot, yes, but Affinity is really good at what it does. And for waaaaay cheaper than Adobe.

More to come on this!


In breaking email news, DTRPG has just let us know that LFG Companion is going to be the Deal of the Day TOMORROW for $3 instead of $15 (PDF).

If you’ve been on the fence about this one, grab it on the morrow friend!!


Grand Technomancer Dab has once again very generously been updating the LL 2090 and LFG Foundry modules. A heartfelt thank you to the great man and his code daemons!

Low Fantasy Gaming

  • Full compatibility with v10 (except for the original character sheet).
  • The recent Test Sheet is now the default character sheet for new characters. The original sheet has been moved to be a secondary and will be discontinued at the FoundryVTT v12 launch once its data structure is no longer supported.
  • New versioning system – this will now match up with FVTT releases. Current version (1.10.1) shows base.FVTTversion.UpdateNumber (so base, FVTT v10, update 1). When Dab releases the version no longer containing the original character sheet, the version will end up becoming 2.12.1LFG has been tested and is currently good to go with v10.
  • Quick bug fix for NPC sheets not rendering after changing the default Actor sheet. This fix ended up making the NPC sheet as tall as the Character sheet. While Dab was originally trying to keep the NPC sheets more compact, this will provide more room to perhaps add multiple automated monster attacks, as well as the option for a larger Notes area.

Lowlife 2090

  • Initial v10 migration, including a new version numbering system that will follow FVTT updates (v.1.10.1 is 1st update for FVTT v10).
  • Fixed chat card layout where a red line cuts through the card.
  • Fixed how chat was getting its info, so everything that was blank when v10 went live is now there again.
  • This version is now working with v10! There is still some more migration to do for v10, but it will be slow, safe, and steady work. There was a good bit of change implemented.


The Golden Age of Khares Kickstarter only has FOUR DAYS to go!!!

If you haven’t checked it out already, now’s the perfect time to help Moose Lodge Games get this sweet psychedelic sand & sandal setting for LFG over the line!!


I mean the art is gorgeous, the Bronze age setting rocks, it’s got 7 NEW LFG CLASSES, dozens of magic items, unique item generators and HOLY SHIT JINN MAGIC BABY YEAH!! Who doesn’t want mummy candle demons burning their PC’s skulls!!?

Want more details? Of course you do! Well CHECK OUT HEXED PRESS’ video overview right now!

C’mon gamers – let’s throw some coin at this mystical tome and get it funded!! :DD


What ho! Deathtrap Games has gone and written up a BUNCH of detailed, insightful and scintillating reviews these last two months, including:

October 2022Trade Winds Items & Services Compendium, and Low Fantasy Gaming Companion.

September 2022Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe!

There’s an absolute feast of content on the Deathtrap site – reviews, random tables, mechanics opinion pieces – be sure to have a browse around, and do take a peak at Brian’s Deathtrap Lite system – it’s 152 pages of OSR compatible gaming goodness; four core classes, movement zones, mighty deeds, wounds system, stress & madness, treasure tables and more! There’s lots to love m’peeps 🙂


Parts Per Million has gone and made a 30 page PDF of Solo Rules to play Lowlife 2090!!!

And Peter even has a 5 min video explaining how it works :DD

Includes some oracle tables (some of which remind me of Ye Olde Yes No But Dice) but also some great Open Question Verb tables, drama dice mechanic, and guidance on how to improvise adventures.

And speaking of solo rules…


Stu Oliver over on Chainmail and Sword has recently been blogging about his LFG and Lowlife 2090 solo games! Including using the Low 90 Solo rules above :)) They’re a great read, and I encourage anyone interested in this style of gaming to take a stroll through the various tales in Stu’s blog.


Bryan, Rodney and the Two Shawns have made a podcast out of their LFG game! There’s nary a voice actor in sight – just four gaming grognards, rolling bones and having fun doin’ it 😀 They’re up to Episode 3 (excluding Ep: 0 Introduction), so now’s a great time to jump on board 🙂


This month it’s a double tap of gaming gear from Sawe & Nepheronia over on Discord – thanks again gents for your contributions!

  • Variant Barbarian Rage by Sawe: Link
  • Race as Class: Minotaur by Nepheronia: Link  


I’d like to give Redditor NeverLostMaps a big shout out and congrats about his(?) group’s 50+ session LFG campaign – and their absolutely superb Crownlands Map (which he made with Procreate):


And last but not least, Jason Duff has a Kickstarter running for Heroes & Hardships – a universal RPG system – which is doing very well indeed with only 7 days to go!

Extreme customization, tightly designed game systems, dangerous and tactical combat, optional rules for simpler forms of violence, two interconnected magic systems for wizards and super heroes, vehicle creation and combat, bestiary full of medieval, fantasy, modern, and sci-fi adversaries, AAA game industry artists and hardcover book extras like a ribbon and soft-touch matte cover – what’s not to like gameroonies!!

Check it out HERE!

And that’s a wrap my gamer friends – till next time, I wish you great success!

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