October Goings Ons

Wassup Gamers it’s the (late) Oct Round Up!

3 x Free Lowlife 2090 Drop Tables

Yes yes I’m still in my Droptable Phase I’m afraid – so here’s 3 x FREE Lowlife 2090 tables!!

There’s a bit of lifer slang in there batus, but still very usable with any cyberpunk related game ūüėÄ


Trade Winds Hardcovers Now Available!

David McLees (aka Wikisnapper) of Faulty-Wire Games (LINK) has just released the Premium Colour Hardcover of Trade Winds An Items & Services Compendium – for use with LFG or your fav fantasy game!! At present only the Premium Colour edition is for sale, but I understand Standard Colour edition is coming soon.


What’s inside I hear you ask? Why 170 pages of gear and services related excellence! Including: alternate starting wealth rules, animals, crafting, burden rules (encumbrance – you know you want it!), d100 Trinkets & Curiosities table, extensive potions list (with BREWING rules), d100 Potion Toxicity table, meals, travel, vehicles, trade goods, MASSIVE section on services, and a superb suite of profession based d12 loot tables to find out exactly what that bandit, baker, or dock worker had on them before your party accidentally killed them with a stray axe to the face.

I was hoping to have my copy by now for a quick video flick thru… but alas, here in Sydney both time and packages move slowly, so I’m still waiting… BUT HERE’S SOME PHOTOS from the Discord y’all. If you want this baby for xmas get your order in now!!!

New Gaslight Adventure & Class Pack Vol II

Bareford Press has released not one but TWO sweet supplements for their Gaslight game!

#1Madness by Proxy (LINK) – An investigative adventure, pitting the heroes against the insidious blackness of the human soul… Can the heroes uncover the crimes of the past and bring justice to the present, or will their deeds only make things worse!? Includes special rules for Blackfog: roiling vapours that bring terror, madness, and panic to those caught within.¬†I LOVE BLACKFOG!

#2 Class Pack Vol 2 (LINK) – FIVE more Victorian-themed character classes for your Gaslight setting:

  • The Mesmerist: a hypnotist who manipulates minds, implanting suggestions in others and convincing them to do what the mesmerist wills.
  • The Metamorph: a changer of physical from, presenting as either the classic Jekyll and Hyde scientist-turned-monster, or as an avenging avatar of Ba’al, Lord of Crows.
  • The Occultist: a person sensitive to spirits and the supernatural, who not only is aware of otherworldly beings but can conduct rituals to contact them and use some of their power;
  • The Septon: a priest of the Seven Ancients whose virtues and holy rites fight back against the powers of darkness;
  • The Sin-Eater: a rare but necessary individual who literally consumes evil to redeem others from eternal damnation, purging afflicted souls of their unforgiven evil deeds, one bite at a time.

At only $3 a piece these are an absolute steal!

Astral Character Sheet

Grand news indeed for Astral VTT users – Discord member Ducatislo has made a character sheet for Astral! Thank you very much Ducatislo for all your hard work on this, I’m sure it will go to good use :DD

Class Toolkit Compendium Near Softcover Release

Goblin Scribe Gaming’s Class Toolkit Compendium for LFG is nearing Softcover release! Here’s some WIP pics I filched off the Discord to give yer peepers a taste ūüėČ

Lowlife 2090 Supplement Sneak Peak

Another sneak peak at our upcoming Lowlife 2090 Supplement – this time weapons!! :DD

Out of Character RPG videos

TWO NEW Out of Character RPG videos are now available РSessions 3 and 4 of their LL 2090 campaign! Gamer buds seriously now the graphics, music, and enthusiasm of the OOC Crew is OUTSTANDING Рjump on Youtube and check them out folks!!  

Hobbs is Back Baby!

The Grand High Hobnobbler Himself Jason Hobbs is back gaming at Cons and streaming Twitch & Youtube games! Welcome back brother!!

Hobbs’ new LFG Mini Campaign The Lost Lake has just begun – now’s a great time to get acquainted!

Deathtrap Games – Incinerator Class

Want to play a pyro PC? What a silly question – who wouldn’t?! Lucky for us Brian¬†of¬†Deathtrap Games¬†LINK¬†built the Incinerator class last month and released it for FREE right here! LINK Get your flame on peeps!!

Unlucky Rolls Session 14

Session 14 of Trisky’s¬†Necromunda¬†based Lowlife 2090 game is ready and waiting! The Last Choice gang have made their way through a dark and abandoned prison facility to the Warden’s reception room after a revelatory 30-minute elevator ride. After taking a break to use the restroom, they hear the vaulted door of the Warden’s office itself open…

Community Content

A Top Shelf Triple of gaming greatness care of Wikisnapper (of Bareford Press) and Talonie!

Appreciate your creativity and support Game Brothers!

  • NPC Generator Spreadsheet by WikiSnapper: Link
  • Mini Character Sheet by WikiSnapper: Link
  • Lowlife 2090 Character Sheet (Excel) by Talonine: Link

¬†And that’s it for October my Venturing Kin. Till next time, Blessings Be Upon Ye Dice!

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