Triple Play!

Three new actual plays!

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In order of release:

Midlands Session 9

In Midlands Session 9 of Jason Hobb’s West Marches’ campaign, Borgar along with new blood Hagen and Sanjuro investigate attacks on Landmentown caravans, leading them to an ancient ruin…. Don’t mess with Sanjuro’s mom!


Want to play in Hobbs’ game? Of course you do!! Well jump on the Audio Dungeon Discord and sign up! Link

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Into the Dreadwood Episode 5

Quinn Hightopple, Rolf, Zeon, Ra’Vast and Wanderer (the intelligent wolf) get into serious trouble back in Grayhill, when they discover the plague of Tharizdun has overcome the town!


** Final Episode is Tues 28 Dec! Last chance to tune in on Twitch for a shot at winning a colour hardcover of LFG Deluxe! **

For those who prefer to watch later on Youtube, all prior episodes have now been uploaded there too: Link

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NANGcast Episode 5

Rejoin the adventurers Nyla, Elias, Garinash (Gari) and Grandall Hammerlock in NANG’s Podcast Episode 5The Festival of The Falling Leaves. All the fun of the fair awaits our heroes! Which in this case means foul smelling fruit, casual speciesism, and murderous urban legends. It’s all fun and games until someone loses their life.


Episode 6 coming 7 Feb!

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