Cliffs of Elletarn

Adventure Framework #58 is out: Cliffs of Elletarn.

Swig Kerrit, one of many bounty hunters working the seedy underbelly of Port Brax, is in need of strong backs for his next mission. This one’s an out of towner job. Beast wrangling in fact. Griffon, actually. Yep, the half lion, half eagle brutes with a vicious beak the size of your arm. And it must be a white feathered one. I don’t know why, best not to ask questions in this line of work, innit? But griffons don’t exactly grow on trees do they. And the Cliffs of Elletarn run more than forty miles, home to bloodthirsty beasts that’ll eat you as soon as look at you. Best stock up on hard tack then. And nets. Lots of nets.

Cliffs of Elletarn is a mini sandbox adventure across a series of clifftop plateaus and low grasslands that form part of the Great Plains. As the PCs hunt for their quarry, a range of sites and dangers await, including ruined towers, barbarian encampments, giant ant colonies, clifftop eyries and skorn villages. And some griffon riding. Maybe.

Available via Patreon: Link

pic for lfg site

Cliffs of Erretarn GM's Map

Cover art copyright Bob Greyvenstein of Grim Press, used with permission, all rights reserved. 
Page 2 art copyright Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art © Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games, used with permission.
Cliff map copyright Wonderdraft and Pickpocket Press.

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