Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Hardcovers Available

LFG Deluxe Hardcovers are now available via DTRPG 😀

Gods be praised! The Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Hardcovers are now available via DTRPG, in Full Colour and B&W 😀

Softcovers in the works and expected in August.


3 minute flick through video: Youtube Link

Front back and spine hardcover

Colour Hardcover Interior

B&W Hardcover Interior

Art copyrights per the book credits, used with permission.

6 thoughts on “Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Hardcovers Available

  1. Finally! So excited for my hardcover in a few weeks to arrive so I can pour through the awesome artwork and great rule set you’ve written. I’m eagerly awaiting August too so I can place my order for a softcover to use while playing.

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      1. Will you be posting updates on the possibility of playing LFG on Roll20? I moved away from my friend group last year so it’s difficult to play with them in-person these days and I’ve been wanting to show them LFG for a while and Roll20 would fix this problem of mine.

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  2. I love my gorgeous new book! And thank you for the free PDF bundled with the purchase! I have a question. I references to weapons proficiencies but cannot seem to pin down the exact rule. Am I overlooking it somewhere? Thank you again!

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    1. Very glad you like them Randy! With respect to weapon and armour proficiency, each class has a list of weapons/armour they may use. There are no rules for what happens if a PC wants to use a weapon or armour not on their list – GM’s call, but I would probably impose disad or similar. Hope that makes sense.


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