Well of Demons

Adventure Framework #55 is complete: Well of Demons

There are whispers in quiet corners that Sister Millicent, of Northgate’s Order of the Anointed, is seeking stalwart mercenaries to escort her into the Sunstone Ranges. She is hoping to locate an abandoned observatory.

Well of Demons is a moderate to high danger wilderness trek & dungeon crawl featuring an abandoned observatory in the snow capped peaks of the Sunstone Ranges. Map by the super talented Miska’s Maps 😀

Available via Patreon: Link

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Cover image copyright Publishers Choice Quality Stock ARt (c) Rick Hershey Fat Goblin Games, used with permission. 

Sister Millicent image copyright Jacob Blackmon, used with permission.

Mountain Ruins image copyright Gary Dupuis, used with permission. 

Map copyright Miska’s Maps, used with permission. 

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