Community Spotlight: Druid, Mystic & Scribe classes

Druid, Mystic & Scribe classes by J.D Diaz 😀

Happy Weekend y’all!

J. D. Diaz is back with not one, not two, but THREE new classes for LFG: the Druid, the Mystic & the Scribe 😀

And they’re FREE via DTRPG right now!

A massive thank you to J.D for bringing these three new classes to life and sharing them with the LFG community; I’m sure they’ll be plenty of takers 😀

As always, if you like what you see, please consider leaving a star rating or short one-two line review on DTRPG 😊

Druid Mystic Scribe classes



You are a Druid, a sage of the natural world and keeper of oral traditions. Despite your love of nature and desire for contemplation, you do not seclude yourself from the rest of society as a hermit. Rather, you seek to bring enlightenment to the masses of mankind who have become too reliant on civilization and its comforts. The fruits of your knowledge are not derived from dusty tomes and the confining structures of the academy. Instead, you rely on the practical applications of nature’s gifts and the perennial traditions of Druidism in order to achieve your goals.



You are a Mystic, a passionate contemplative that burns with an unquenchable desire for the divine. Often living as a hermit, you have devoted yourself to pursuing a transcendent reality at the expense of all worldly pleasures. As a result, your unique abilities and potent insights into the nature of things have been derived primarily through the incorporation of regular ascetic practices. While it is rare that a Mystic would leave their solitude, it is not entirely unheard of either. You are willing to walk to the ends of the world if it means catching even the smallest glimpse of the divine, as in your view there is no greater treasure to be found.



You are a Scribe, a scholar of the highest regard and keeper of knowledge. Your desire to collect and preserve new information has given you an understanding of many subjects, including the rare practice of scroll creation. Although you often find yourself indoors pouring over archaic tomes, you’ve come to realize that sometimes knowledge can only advance through exploration. In hopes of increasing mankind’s understanding, you will on occasion venture into the dangers of the outside world, where your analytic abilities and keen intelligence bewilder both your allies and foes.

Text copyright J.D Diaz, used with permission.

LFG Post art copyright Matt Morrow, used with permission.

Class Art is public domain.

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