Community Spotlight – the Psionicist

LFG veteran Joseph Hepler is back with the Psionicist 😀

Not content with giving us the Eldritch Champion, or helping edit LFG Deluxe, Mr Hepler is back with a full colour four page Psionicist class!

It’s gorgeous, it’s fun, and it’s FREE.

Link to PDF

There’s never been a better time to get your psion on.

A big thank you to Joseph for his hard work. I’m pretty sure Dark Sun fans are crying tears of joy about now ;D

Psionicist pages 1 & 2Psionicist pages 3 & 4

While we’re on the topic of psychics, for those interested in further variations, you might also check out Dave Collins’ Oracle class:  Link to PDF   or  Seadaily’s Psychic Mysteries rules: Link to Word Doc


Text copyright J.Hepler, used with permission.

Art copyright Daniel Comerci, used with permission.

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