Community Spotlight – Race as Class

Elf and Dwarf as “Race as Class” options by J.D Diaz.

Prefer old school Race As Class for your demihumans, and elves and dwarves in particular? Well look no further my friend, for J.D Diaz has answered your call with Elf & Dwarf Race as Class options for Low Fantasy Gaming.

And they’re FREE at DTRPG right now:

Elf Link

Dwarf Link

Honestly what more could a gamer want? Ah, yes I hear you, Halflings and Half-skorn please Mr Diaz! But seriously, a huge thank you to J.D for his work expanding on LFG options; I’m sure these variants will get plenty of action in 2019 😀

If you like what you see, please consider leaving a star rating or short one-two line review on DTRPG! (unfortunately I can’t, as I have a publisher account).

Page 1 previews:


Dwarf post pic copyright Claudio Cassini, used with permission.

Text copyright J.D Diaz, used with permission.

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