How to Play Video

A 5 minute Youtube video on “How to Play” Low Fantasy Gaming.

I figure a few of these 5 minute videos can’t hurt, right?

This one is basic info for new players (primarily attribute checks vs attack rolls). The next one will be about combat. Then maybe some discussion about LFG design decisions…. We’ll have to see how it goes. Baby steps πŸ˜‰

Youtube Link

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Image and video copyright Pickpocket Press 2019.

4 thoughts on “How to Play Video

  1. Really like the system and I bought the Midlands setting not too long ago as well. I plan on running LFG with some friends this summer and I have a question regarding boss monsters’ Off Turn Attacks feature. Are there any actual set rules about how they are intended to be implemented as in number of off turn attacks or is it more of a matter of DM discretion? Thanks in advance for the answer, hope this was a decent place to put it.

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    1. Hi Wolfgang, thanks for reaching out. Always glad to hear about LFG game plans! ;D

      With respect to Off Turn Attacks, we’ve tidied that section up in Deluxe Edition. It now reads as follows:

      … Off Turn Attacks
      Some fearsome enemies have Off Turn Attacks, allowing them to make a single physical attack in between adventurer turns. If such a monster has no adjacent enemies in between PC turns, the monster may also take a move action.

      An Ogre with Off Turn Attacks is fighting three PCs. The initiative order is Fighter, Ogre, Ranger, Monk. The Fighter attacks, then the Ogre goes, then the Ranger, then the Ogre gets an Off Turn Attack, then the Monk goes. That round then ends.

      Next round’s Initiative is Ranger, Monk, Fighter, Ogre. The Ranger goes, then the Ogre gets an Off Turn Attack, then the Monk goes, then the Ogre gets an Off Turn Attack, then the Fighter goes, and finally the Ogre takes its normal turn. That round then ends…

      I hope this helps clarify how OTA’s work. Basically, any time two PCs would act consecutively, the Boss interrupts and gets an attack. The larger the party, the more OTA’s a Boss Monster gets. For very large numbers of PCs you might cap it, but for 3-6 PCs it should be fine. The intention is to match the party’s action economy to keep the Boss nice and scary (as they often do very respectable damage with each attack).

      Hope this helps, and of course happy to discuss further. If you get that LFG game going, we’d love to hear how it goes! (most welcome to share with us on MeWe, or Reddit, etc) πŸ˜€


      1. Thanks for the quick reply Stephen, I appreciate the info. I went ahead and bought the Deluxe PDF to clear up any further questions I may have. I’m looking forward to GM-ing this system for my group.

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