A Creeping Tide

Saxford you say? Yea I know it. Small outpost on the far side o’ Lake Argos. Sure you want to go there, stranger? Lot o’ death in Saxford, I hear. Nay, not by beastmen nor barbarian… Saxfords’ are taking their own lives. Why? Har! Might as well ask why the sun sets at dusk, eh? Wodon knows, wanderer. Wodon knows.

Adventure Framework #52 is out via Patreon: A Creeping Tide

A Creeping Tide is a disaster scenario involving a tsunami and the remote, peculiar outpost of Saxford… 12 page PDF excluding cover & credits, available via Patreon and DTRPG  😀

Map this month by the enigmatic Elven Tower Cartography. See more of Elven Tower’s work here: Link

Patreon Link

Page 2 for the shore dwellers:

Creeping tide p2

Cover image copyright Jayaraj Paul, used with permission. 

Page 2 image copyright Matt Morrow, used with permission.

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