Assault on Dunmark

Aye, you heard it right; Lady Petria slew young Moson in a drunken duel – now Lord Foster is rallying his army to march on Dunmark, raze the keep, and execute his son’s killer. Word is they’re after sellswords to bolster their ranks. Good time to be a mercenary, I guess?

Assault on Dunmark is a “Mass Battle” scenario, involving hundreds of warriors fighting over the Celdwyn’s isolated keep, nestled between Drelnor Forest and the Trackless Moors. Rally the troops. Sound the horns. This time it’s war.

Page 2 and Map below for the sellswords.

Dunmark p.2
Dunmark map colour
Cover image copyright Jacob Blackmon, used with permission.
Page 2 image copyright Daniel Comerci, used with permission.
Map copyright Maciej Zagorski of The Forge Studios LLC.

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