Three Free Starter Adventures

Three Free Starter Adventures 😀

Coinciding with Andrew Murphy’s excellent Zero Level PC Generator – Link (thanks again Andrew!) – and our impending Kickstarter for Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Edition, three of our starter adventures are now (permanently) free on DTRPG:

  • #13 Gift of the Silent God (uncovering a cultist plot whilst hunting for an owlbear in the woods),
  • #25 Revelry in Northgate (tavern crawl to rescue a drunken lord from his own antics, before he causes his family too much embarrassment), and
  • #40 Call of the Colossus (a “Zero Level Ordeal” PC creation adventure, with a caravan massacre, suspicious outpost and lost temple).


If you haven’t played them yet, why not give them a spin? We’d love to hear how they play at your table.

3 free adventures pic

Gift of the Silent God Art copyright 2011 Dave Allsop, used with permission.

Call of the Colossus art copyright Randy M, used with permission.

Revelry in Northgate art copyright Maciej Zagorski, The Forge Studios LLC, used with permission.

d20 art copyright Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art copyright Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games, used with permission.

3 thoughts on “Three Free Starter Adventures

  1. Really enjoying learning more about LFG (backed the Deluxe Edition already) and these adventure frameworks. Thanks for your great work! Question: are there recommended levels associated with any of the adventure frameworks?

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    1. Hi Richard, no there aren’t recommended levels, partly because of of LFG’s sandbox philosophy (the party never knows what they might find), but also because the adventures have significant random elements (eg a fight with “2d6” Ogres or “3d10” Skorn), and LFG’s Party Retreat rule/Rescue Exploits/Shield rules. Having said that however some are clearly easier/harder than others. We’ve had a few requests for level guidelines though, and I’ll update the DTRPG listings with some kind of indicator labels later today. Something like “For Starting PCs”, “For Lower Level PCs” and “For Experienced PCs”, that sort of thing. Generally speaking the vast majority were written with Level 3 – 6 in mind.

      Edit: Richard I ended up going with indicating danger levels: low, moderate or high (low being suitable for starter characters). Hope this is helpful 🙂


      1. Really appreciate your responsiveness. I get (and like) the sandbox approach, but I also think some broad guidelines could be helpful. Thanks!

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