Mass Battle Toolkit

Mass Battle Toolkit now available on DTRPG 😀


Thirsting to drink from the skulls of your enemies, but uncertain how? Hunger no more. Assembled within these pages are all the rules and tables you’ll ever need to let slip the dogs of war with unabashed ease.

How about twenty abstract, PC focused scenarios, the results of which directly impact the final outcome? Or sudden combat twists to test your party as they battle their way through the dizzying throng? An arrow to the knee never felt so good!

Prefer detailed Unit vs Unit combat? We’ve got you covered with rules for battle maps, troop statistics, movement, terrain, attacks, morale, company advancement, and more.

Want your cake and eat it too? But of course! Mix and match zoomed in and big picture rules as you please, all the while funnelling the adventurers towards the final showdown with enemy leaders to determine ultimate victory.

Mass Battle Toolkit is written for the Low Fantasy Gaming RPG, but is easily adapted to any d20 based system. 5e conversion notes are included at p.19.

20 pages exc cover & credits, 2 files (parchment & white backgrounds), bookmarked & optimised for fast viewing.


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Cover art copyright Christopher Spence, used with permission.

Page 2 art copyright fotokostic (p.2), istock, used with permission.

Page 3 art copyright 2011 Joe J. Calkins, Cerberus Illustration (p.3), used with permission.

Page 6 art copyright Dean Spencer, used with permission.

Page 11 art copyright Jack Holiday (p.11), used with permission.

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