Community Spotlight

The Eldritch Champion class by Joseph Hepler, and Skill Challenges by David Shamp.

Want to play a brooding sorcerer knight, righteous paladin or warrior priest? Now you can with Joseph Hepler’s Eldritch Champion class!



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Or how about 31 pages of Skill Challenges by David Shamp? Level up your GM toolkit with:

  1. Navigating Desert Terrain
  2. A Wild Boar Hunt
  3. Cavernous Travel
  4. Surviving Prison/Slavery
  5. Escaping Prison/Slavery
  6. Training a Military Force
  7. Shieldwall (or Pitched Battle)
  8. Negotiations
  9. Infiltration
  10. Cartography
  11. Three Ring Lance (and Jousting!)


skill challenges p1

A big thank you to Joseph and David over on the LFG Googleplus Community for all their hard work. Appreciate it gents!

LFG Googleplus

Post art copyright Matt Morrow, used with permission



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