Example Unique Abilities

Thirty Eight example Unique Abilities, for those who might like some inspiration or guidance 🙂

38 example Unique Abilities (class advancements at 3rd, 6th, etc) are available as a PDF (parchment & white) in the link below. Each may be selected once only, unless the GM determines otherwise. “Crossclass” feats may only be used by a class other than the originating class.

Most UAs include three tiers, representing low, moderate and high power versions. Each tier accumulates on the last. Alternatively, the GM might allow players to cherry pick specific abilities from the list or some other variant. Stronger versions of crossclass abilities have not been included for niche protection reasons. Tables should work together to determine a power level for UA’s in their game, having regard to the setting and actual PCs in play.

GMs and players should not feel constrained by these examples. Tables are 100% encouraged to refluff and modify what follows, and most importantly – devise their own UAs. Like all new mechanics, consider these subject to ongoing playtesting, tweaking and revision. Have fun.

Link to PDFs (white & parchment)

  1. Adaptable (Crossclass)
  2. Alchemy & Mechanica (Crossclass)
  3. Armour Master
  4. Armour Training
  5. Awakened Host
  6. Blood Magic
  7. Borderlands Scout
  8. Combat Medic
  9. Dance of Dragons
  10. Dauntless
  11. Elementalist
  12. Ferocious Rage (Crossclass)
  13. Inspire Greatness (Crossclass)
  14. Iron Grit
  15. Karok Envoy
  16. Marksman
  17. Melek Inquisitor
  18. Monk Techniques (Crossclass)
  19. On the Rise
  20. Pack Tactics
  21. Pilfer Pouch
  22. Rangercraft (Crossclass)
  23. Rogue Tricks (Crossclass)
  24. Sea Dog
  25. Secret History
  26. Shieldmaiden
  27. Sign of the Silver Wolf
  28. Signature Weapon
  29. Skill Prodigy
  30. Slippery Bastard
  31. Slow Burner
  32. Spellcasting (Crossclass)
  33. Starmaiden’s Smite
  34. Thieves’ Grace
  35. Thuel Rider
  36. Turn Undead
  37. Weapons Training
  38. Worldtree Druid

Post Art copyright 2018 J.M. Woiak and Heather Shinn of the STINKYGOBLIN, used with permission.

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