LFG Review by Not Enough Table

A Low Fantasy Gaming review by Barnabas Bailey at Not Enough Table   😀

Cheers Barnabas!

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Not Enough Table

Reviews and impressions on tabletop gaming, old and new.


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3 thoughts on “LFG Review by Not Enough Table

  1. That blog post had me wanting to stop reading it, I was surprised the reviewer found anything he liked about it. Me, I love the game – as I am a Sword & Sorcery fan and like my games to often be low magic in nature. But any exposure is good, especially if the bloggers followers are more open-minded than he is.

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    1. Hahah well I feel like Barnabus did a good job explaining how LFG is different, and I got the impression he’d play it for a change of pace (maybe between other campaigns, or as a one off). Bearing in mind he clearly isn’t a S&S guy, that’s good enough for me 🙂

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      1. Very true, he was open he liked elements of it & would give it a try if the opportunity presented itself.

        I just don’t care for his tone, it is off-putting to read. But as I said, if his readers are more open-minded than he is his post could win you a few customers 7 fans – which is good indeed.

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