Traps Toolkit

Traps Toolkit PDF now available from DTRPG for $3

Traps. Traps should be fun, right? Hell yeah they should! And this toolkit makes them so. Need a drop-in hazard for a door or chest? Maybe a complex set piece for an entire room? You’ve come to the right place my friend! There’s more traps here than you can poke a hireling at.

This tribulant tome contains everything you need to improvise deathtraps of the most devious kind, including random tables for threat levels, triggers, countermeasures, and twenty different attack modes. And that’s just the simple traps.

For complex traps, choose from eleven altogether despicable maiming machines, including the Snare & Roast, Drowning Chute, Harpoon Crusher and Transmutation Bridge. Eight mechanical and three magical traps, each one painstakingly crafted with (i) initial setup, (ii) trap details, (iii) counter measures, and (iv) variant options.

But the best is yet to come. Embiggen your GM arsenal with the Three Second Trigger Rule, Where & How Riposte, and Search Complications, reaffirming the importance of trap related player decisions, and their consequences.

The toolkit is written for the Low Fantasy Gaming RPG and Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting, but is easily adapted to any d20 based RPG. 5e conversion notes are included on p.23.

26 pages excluding cover & credits, parchment and white backgrounds, optimised for fast viewing.


Art copyright Daniel Comerci 2018, used with permission.

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