Illustrated Sheets & Pregens

Illustrated character sheets and Pregen #1 – The Fighter.

With the Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting in sight (PDF due out end of Oct, physical book probably Nov), I asked Maciek Zagorski of The Forge Studios (see more of Maciek’s awesome stuff here:  Link) to draw up a custom character sheet for LFG – and here it is!

Note there are two versions below. Both are 2 pages. The first includes a space at the bottom left for a character portrait (page 1). For those who don’t like character portraits, the second version has an extra parchment scroll box for scribble notes instead.

I’ve also included the first of 8 pregen characters (1st level): the Fighter (using the gear pack rules posted last month, which are in the Midlands book). The art for the warrior is by Daniel Comerci; check out more of Daniel’s excellent work here:  Link. This pic is actually a stretched thumbnail, which I’ll update to the high res version early next month –  I just wanted to put something up now to demonstrate how I imagine folks might use the portrait area.

Modifying the sheets is very easy using MS Paint or GIMP 2.8 (free pic editing software); cut & paste, stretch/shrink parchment boxes, etc.

Anyways, hope you like them, and with a bit of luck the pregens will help getting some one shot games going more easily 🙂

I’d love to know what you think – especially if there’s anything I should add or remove, make an area larger or smaller, etc. As these are downloadable PDFs it’s easy for me to tweak them.

Link to PDF folder

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sheet art copyright 2017 Maciek Zagorski, used with permission.

Fighter portrait art copyright 2017 Daniel Comerci, used with permission.


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