Expanded Tavern Patrons Table

Guest Post by Laurence Gillespie 🙂

Laurence: Just for the heck of it, I decided to run some of the characters appearing on the patron table through some of the tables I use to generate tavern encounters in my own game. I hope this doesn’t come across as running the same clothes through the washer twice. My own system is quite viking-oriented, so if the characters seem to skew in that direction, that’s why. I have taken the liberty of altering a few results from the original table, mainly with regards to characters that want to sell something, since in some cases I think there is another more interesting adventure hook inherent in the character as originally generated. My apologies if any of the following seems wordy or a case of “too much information” (or just too “vikingy”)…

Steve: No apologies needed whatsoever Laurence! Thanks very much for your expansions, they almost turn those entries into little adventures of their own.

Expanded Tavern Patrons Table Link

tavern fixed

Artwork copyright Maciej Zagorski and The Forge Studios LLC, used with permission, all rights reserved.

Original table copyright 2017 S J Grodzicki.

Expanded table content copyright 2017 Laurence Gillespie, used with permission, all rights reserved.



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