6 thoughts on “Adventure Frameworks

  1. These look really cool! I downloaded the free one: Tomb of Harutep and it looks excellent. I really want to pledge to the patreon but I’m wondering if “print-friendly” versions of these adventure frameworks will ever be offered? I prefer printing out my PDFs because I don’t own a tablet or smartphone and although the parchment background texture looks awesome, it would cause me to waste a lot of ink. Or is there a way to disable the parchment texture when I print the PDF?

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    1. Thanks Daniel and awesome idea – I will release both parchment and white backgrounds for all files. I will update the Patreon with that info in a moment!


      1. Nice, that is great news! Thank you for the fast response and I couldn’t resist pledging to the patreon so I will be looking forward to all the upcoming adventure frameworks!


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