Happy New Year Gamer Friends

Well holy hell the last 12 months has absolutely flown by!

I can’t believe we’re on the cusp of 2023 already!?!

Hope y’all have a great holiday break – and thank you for all your enthusiasm and support throughout 2022.

We’re looking forward to some funtabulous gaming in 2023 :DD

As we exit the year, here’s our final gaming wrap up.


Work continues apace on Old Mage; subject to a few placeholder spell art pieces, the game is complete! Prototypes have been shipped to the USA and UK for Youtube reviewers, our Tabletopia module is ready to go when the campaign launches, and we are receiving the final manufacturing and fulfilment quotes. Assuming things continue without too many surprises, we’re on track for a February – March Kickstarter ๐Ÿ˜€


Hobbs‘ is at it again my friends with Northgate Vignette #3!

Vignaal the barbarian, Hafr the ranger, and Jeger the wolf get into trouble in the wilds (when do they not?). Includes a new sport: spear vaulting ๐Ÿ˜‰


In December I had a blast chatting with Kevin on The Redcaps Podcast about all things gaming, including LFG, LL 2090, boardgames, and more. It was a real pleasure to be on the show.

Kevin has a star studded line up of interviews just waiting to be listened to – Justin Alexander, Chris McDowall, Runehammer, Gavin Norman, Matt Finch and more!! Frankly, I dont know how I snuck on there, but I’m sure glad I did!


Shifty eyed Soothsayer Bryce of Ten Foot Pole acclaim recently reviewed Adventure Framework Collection #1 – and he quite liked it!! (phew!). If you don’t know Bryce’s site, it has a dragon’s hoard worth of adventure reviews – be sure to check him out!


Grand Technomancer Dab has once again very generously been updating the LFG Foundry module. A big thank you to the Master of the Electron Horizon! May your keystrokes never jam sir!

Dab has in point fact just set up a ko-fi for those who might like to donate to keep him plied with caffeine, cash, and courtesans. Let’s make sure he stays topped up people!!! Nothing worse than a de-caffinated Code Master, you mark my words.

Low Fantasy Gaming

  • All LFG Deluxe classes now have their own Class Features compendium.
  • Readability improvements for Actor sheets. Lighter BG image, bolder font for small text (like skills and items), and word wrapping on items/features/etc.
  • Deluxe Initiative Macro now added into “Useful Macros” compendium. With this macro, you just select all tokens you wish to have in initiative and click the button on the macro bar. This will roll DEX checks for all selected tokens (except for NPCs) and assign them a 2 (Great Success), 1 (Success), or 0 (Failure). NPCs are automatically added at 0.5 in initiative order. I’m still figuring out the kinks on multiple initiative points for Boss Monsters (if that’s even possible).
  • New NPC Attacks. 4 Attack/Damage inputs, each with full automation from the sheet.
  • Monsters Compendium updated to reflect the new NPC info (Attacks and Damage filled out for each monster).
  • Fixed bug with NPC notes section and made it larger.
  • Dialogs for attribute, skill, and luck rolls, allowing for situational modifiers and adv/disadv.
  • Dialogs for damage rolls (Characters only for now) that allow for situational modifiers and adv/disadv.
  • Alternative Diagonal Movement rule added. Now you can measure using 5, 10, 5 rule. Just go to Game Settings (right sidebar) > Configure Settings (sidebar) > Low Fantasy Gaming (dialog) and then choose your Diagonal Movement rule. It defaults to 5, 5, 5 so no need to change if that’s what you normally use.


I’m very pleased to report that Moose Lodge Game’s Golden Age of Khares Kickstarter funded!! I for one am very much looking forward to getting that psychedelic sand & sandal setting book in my cackling GM hands. I’m not sure if MLG is taking late Backers, but if you’re interested be sure to reach out to them.


High Priestย Wezย over atย DM Talesย has put together his “Wanna Play” Rankings for some of the RPGs he’s reviewed over the last eighteen months. In my humble and wholly unbiased opinion, some of the very finest, most cromulent RPGs of the modern era are included! Wez does absolutely terrific reviews – be sure to have a poke around his Youtube channel too ๐Ÿ™‚


Aw shucks, there’s a first time for everything – and Timmy Mac bags the honour of being the cooled guy on the internet by writing a love letter to LFG! Brings a tear to an old man’s eye! Appreciate the kind words TM, and very glad to hear you’re enjoying gaming again :DD


With recent controversies surrounding 6e/One D&D, Mr Mean gives us the lowdown on five alternatives to 5e. No spoilers o’ course, but I simply must say that Mr Mean is clearly a gentlemen of impeccable style and discerning taste.


As part of the Dungeon23 project, Stephen Smith has released a four page LFG compatible adventure seed: The Cyclopes’ Lair!

In the base of a ruined wizard tower, a tribe of cyclopes now reign over a small human village… Will the PCs become embroiled in the villagers’ plight?


And rounding out 2022 this month’s septet of splendour arrives care of Zack Hydra, Karfumble, Pemberfoot, MadCow and The Sovereign Psiocrat. Thank you very much gents for your fine additions!!

  • World of Xoth conversion by Zack Hydra: Link
  • Karfumbleโ€™s Grimoire (30 new spells!): Link
  • Equipment Sheets by Pemberfoot: Link
  • Henchmen Stat Cards by MadCow: Link
  • Tavern Jobs Noticeboard (Powerpoint) by Pemberfoot: Link
  • Character Sheet (landscape, 2 pages) by Pemberfoot: Link
  • Drakenon (Dragonborn) race by The Sovereign Psiocrat: Link

Zack’s free 40 page conversion of the World of Xoth (with Mr Braten’s blessing) is particularly sweet – including cultures, races, three new classes (Conquerer, Courtier, Cultist variant), new gear (weapons, armour, alchemical & herbal concoctions), twelve new spells, thirteen new Unique Features, new monsters, and more cults than you can poke a sacrifice at!! Be sure to check out more of the World of Xoth website here!

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