Yes, No, But dice

Yep, they’re a thing: Yes, No, But dice.


What are these pretty baubles I see before me?

Yes No But dice with d20 d4Yes No But dice

Why they’re Yes, No, But Dice! Also known as Improv Dice.

What are they for?

Glad you asked. They’re for all those times when the GM needs to improvise something (especially during unexpected side treks), and wants random chance to guide the way. They’re slick, high tech, shiny ass, rollable, improv enabling machines. The latest, and greatest, GM accessory of all time. Or at least this season.

Consider the following:

  • The adventurers stagger into a herbalism shop. Does the merchant have 5 doses of anti-toxin like the party needs?
  • The adventurers are breaking into a warehouse in the middle of night. Does a guard patrol happen past at the wrong moment?
  • Players look a little bored. They’re about to search another door. Could there be a trap on this one?

The GM doesn’t know. But the Yes, No, But Die does. It knows all.

How does it know? What sorcery is this!?

No sorcery here friend, put away that axe. By rolling one of six possible results that helps the GM improvise the answer!

You had me at axe. What possible results?


  • YES! = the BIG YES, the yes with bells on. It’s happening in spades.
  • Yes = Normal yes. It is as you suspect.
  • Yes, but = this is the partial yes; the yes with a twist or complication.
  • No, but = the partial no; the no with a twist or complication.
  • No = Normal, standard nope. Can be a touch boring, but no means no. Build a bridge.
  • NO! = This is the HELL NO, no way no how, it’s not happening with a side of stink eye.

So… is the party interrupted by a guard patrol while breaking into the warehouse? Let’s roll and find out!

  • YES! Baal’s balls! Not only is a guard patrol about to turn the corner, but they’re led by the overzealous captain of the watch herself, argh!
  • Yes. Aw shiit; guard patrol inbound. Party better get a wriggle on.
  • Yes, but… the guard patrol is coming, but they’ve been held up accosting the local drunkard nearby. The party hears the altercation and has the chance to do something…
  • No, but… no guard patrol, but the local drunkard is shuffling around the corner, and he’s a loudmouth at the best of times.
  • No. Nope, no-one is coming to interrupt the break in. Phew!
  • NO! No-one’s coming to spoil the party’s plans, and the guards are gonna be busy for the next few hours with a riot down the other end of town. SWEET.

And there you have it. Prettier than a half naked nymph on a summer’s day.

But can’t I do the same thing with a normal d6? Call the 1 a YES!, a 2 the ordinary Yes, etc

Well yeah you could do that.

BUT that’s not as FUN as rolling an official Yes, No, But Die.

I mean just saying it is more fun, for starters. It’s 16mm, with aerodynamic edges, bright white for easy plucking from the common dice rabble. It’s hefty, clean shaven and clatters like a real die should. It has high definition words AND punctuation. Simple meaning conveyed INSTANTLY without any complicated alphanumeric converting. The perfect aid for solo roleplaying or playtesting. And most important of all – when the big green YES! or the big red NO! come up – aw yeah, it’s like a critical hit all over again. See the players cringe! Hear their celebratory cheers! Feel that grin of surprise spread across your foxy mug! The whole table can enjoy it in real time, over and over again, with the Yes, No, But Die.

Silence! How much silver will this trinket set me back?

A meagre USD $7 per die my lord – including standard international air shipping: 7-10 business days delivery according to the Australia Post website for USA, UK, New Zealand as examples (shipping from Sydney).

You know, it’s time I spoiled myself. How do I order?

  1. Email your inquiry (inc your delivery address) to
  2. I’ll confirm by reply email that I have stock on hand, plus payment instructions.
  3. You pay USD $7 via Paypal (includes standard air shipping).
  4. I’ll post your order out via standard international air mail (7-10 days most locations).

The Yes, No, But Die. Sounds crap. Works good.

9 thoughts on “Yes, No, But dice

  1. Just discovered these dice through this post. Fantastically handy idea! Any chance of more being available any time soon?



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sadly not anytime soon DuckanCover but I think there is at least one person on Etsy making custom dice for reasonable prices 🙂


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