What is Low Fantasy Gaming?

So what is LFG?

What is low fantasy gaming page

Axe man art copyright Dean Spencer, used with permission.

Torch man art copyright Daniel Comerci, used with permission.


2 thoughts on “What is Low Fantasy Gaming?

  1. This is a great-looking rpg with some fab content. Have you ever thought of adding in a cleric class, and even expanding the scope to include high-fantasy? Seriously, this is one of the most well-presented and thought out low fantasy games I’ve seen. If it evolved into a mega 300-page hardback with more classes and spells… Or even a supplement with the ranger and monk included? This is good stuff!

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement Matt. I’m working on an LFG setting at the moment (which includes in the Player Options section the Ranger, Monk and Artificer (non-magical inventor/tinker), out in the next few months). But after that I might very well make “High Fantasy Gaming”. I’ve had a few inquiries about it. I suspect it wouldnt take too much to tweak/add more for a high fantasy version (…famous last words?)


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